I. partridge in pear tree

Abruptly and for no good reason (well, okay, for a very good reason that I will keep to myself) I am decided to do a round of holiday-themed posts (much in the style of Paul Cornell, actually).

First day is a Request Post! I think most of you know how this works, but in case you're new or you've forgotten:

1. You comment and leave me a prompt. Or two. Or ten.
2. I go through and fill as many as I can.
3. There is no limit on the number of prompts you can leave.
4. There is no guarantee I will fill them. (But I will try!)
5. You don't have to follow the theme.
6. If you feel inclined, you are more than welcome to fill other requests.
7. Everyone wins!

Today's theme is the winter holidays. You define what that means. :)

FIC: the ghost in you (she don't fade) (Harry Potter, G)

Title: the ghost in you (she don't fade)
Fandom: Harry Potter
Rating/Warnings: G/none (spoilers for Book 7 though)
Summary: In which there is Quidditch, de-qnoming, prying family, and Teddy Lupin, and Charlie's life goes on.
Notes: Written for the Harry Potter Non-Canon-Ships Comment Ficathon

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word count: 1,713

Will be posting word count updates daily. So: who wants to be on the NaNo filter? If you were on it on LJ last year, you're still on it, no worries. (Unless you'd rather be off! In which case let me know.) I ask because I might be posting excerpts and I don't necessarily want them to be easily accessible to the public. Note that even if you're not on it I will be talking about it all the time anyway (just not the details of my writing, mostly my writing habits) so if you have a huge aversion to anything NaNoWriMo you might want to stop reading my blog for the next month.

Going to a write-in later tonight, which should be fun; hopefully I can get substantially ahead this year and actually finish my novel, not just get to 50,000 words.

The title this year is "Standard Fare" and it's a horror-lite whodunnit. I'm pretty stoked.

and it's a bore

I've failed two ficathons this fall, and I am hereby banning myself from all exchanges but Yuletide.

I'm sorry to everyone I have let down because of my own writing difficulties. Hopefully I can still finish your stories and post them eventually. But, uh, I wouldn't keep your hopes up.

(except for [personal profile] such_heights, who donated money for hers and therefore HAS to get it.)


Hey guys! I've got a spare Archive of Our Own invitation; anyone want it? First come first serve. All gone! But athenemiranda has a whole bunch of them, if you still want one. Just let me (or her) know.

Also, I've been in sort of a writing slump, so I think it's time for another request post!


For those inexperienced with this phenomenon:

1. Leave as many prompts as you like, any fandom, any pairing.
2. The theme and encouraged fandom are only suggestions, not requirements.
3. I will fill whatever prompts strike my fancy.
4. You are welcome -- nay, encouraged -- to fill prompts as well.
5. I do not guarantee that all or any of your prompts will be filled.

The theme this round is nostalgia. The encouraged fandom is Harry Potter. Have at!

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