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fandom is sometimes serious business.

I actually meant to do this yesterday, but Big Bang kind of took precedence.

Anyway, for those of you involved in fandom politics as well as fandom, you may have heard of the debate/wank concerned warnings. Specifically, people arguing that warnings should not have to be issued, and people arguing that they're a necessity, especially for things like non-con and abuse.

Now, my stance on this is that I'll warn if I feel there's something to warn for, which is not really often in my fic. The exception for this is character death, and I am of mixed feelings about that. Because often it's an important twist to a story, which I don't really want to give away - but I don't know what triggers people who read my fic.

So because I don't want to assume anything, and I want this to be a friendly, pleasant place where you lot can talk about fandom with me and I can share my fic with you, I'm giving the floor to you. You don't have to tell me your secrets, you don't even have to give me your names. Anonymous comments are always enabled here.

What I'm asking is this: Is there anything in my writing or in general that you feel deserves warnings? And how would you like me to warn you?

[edit] courtesy of lim, I have obtained the code for spoiler text. It will look like this:

WARNING: rape, non-con, dub-con, incest, self-harm

Code can be found on sheafrotherdon's journal.
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