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The official disclaimer: Unless tagged "original fiction" or otherwise indicated to be my intellectual property, I do not own the characters or series featured in stories or artwork here.

Archived on here is mostly fiction (fan- or otherwise); feel free to add aopt if you're interested in those bits of my life that don't involve writing. I do use this journal in my involvement in most LJ communities, as well as my interaction with the online community as a whole.

At some point I'm going to get all my fic organised. For now, let me direct to my tags, where you may find a modicum of organisation.

I realise that certain concepts and actions depicted in stories can trigger readers, or otherwise cause them great discomfort. If there's something you need to be warned about, please let me know about it here so that I can be better equipped to cater to your needs. The last thing I want to do is cause anyone unnecessary trauma.

Beyond writing, I also make icons, which are posted infrequently at my shared graphics community, iconsometry, and/or my graphics journal kilograph. I can be found on Dreamwidth as iambickilometer, and also on Twitter.

The Big Ol' List of Fandoms

CLAMP: xxxHOLiC, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle
Criminal Minds
Dollhouse (Whedon's)
Doctor Who
Dr Horrible's Sing-Along Blog
Good Omens
Harry Potter
Marvel comics: General Marvel, Daredevil, X-Factor, X-Men
Petshop of Horrors
Shakespeare: General Shakespeare, Hamlet, Romeo and Juliet
Star Trek
Stargate Atlantis
White Collar

I am not always immediately able to read my flist. If something important has changed with you - say, you've switched accounts, moved to Dreamwidth, or acquired a Twitter - feel free to let me know here.
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I just wanted to say I was totally in love with your journal title and subtitle. :')
Thanks! :D "Budapest by Blimp" is one of my favourite Thomas Dolby songs.
dammit you went to bed before I could finish this but here I wrote you something adorable because you were down. Marvel Adventures 'verse.

"Steve, if you have time, there's a couple of things on the budget I need you t--what is that?"

"It's a kitten, Tony. You've never seen one? I find that hard to believe."

"I know what a kitten is. Why is it here?"

"I was--it looked so--I couldn't just leave it there."

"Right," Tony snorted, "Because you're Captain America, protector of the small."

"It's a kitten, Tony," Steve protested, "Defenseless."

"I know, in a cardboard box, in the pouring rain," he said, nodding at the sun streaming through the windows.

Steve flushed endearingly and curled his hand more protectively around the small striped kitten huddled in his palm.

"Come on, Tony, look at its little kitten face."

"I saw. It's a kitten."

"You have no heart, Tony Stark," Steve said deploringly. He didn't look like he meant it, but Tony wasn't sure.

"Yes, I do. Just because I don't automatically melt when confronted with a small furry animal…" He sighed at the pleading look Steve gave him. Captain America wasn't supposed to have puppy dog eyes. It was just wrong. "Fine, you can keep it."

"Alright, I admit, I was wrong." Steve grinned. "What should we name it?"


"The Avengers, I mean. Um."

"Deadpool?" Tony suggested.

Steve gave him a Look.

"Wolverine? No, okay, stupid idea."

"I think we should name it--her--Independence."

"Really, Steve? Really?"

"I like it."

"Fine," Tony conceded, "It's your cat."

"Great. She's going to need supplies. Let's go, Tony."

"What, Cap, no, I'm a very busy man, I don't have time. Steve…" Still, Tony let Steve tow him out of the building and, well, if he ended up bemusedly cradling the kitten close while Steve hauled the larger purchases home, it wasn't his fault in any way.
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