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one headbutt and baby I believe

Hello various blogging sites, I am not dead! In case you were wondering. I have been pretty absent for a while but I am pleased to tell you that there is no good reason whatsoever (except that I haven't written anything worth posting, I guess).

But I have been writing some things, so in an effort to convince you that if you haven't left you shouldn't, I will tell you what they are!

1. Horrible gratuitous shenanigans involving fictional celebrities because I don't actually want to A) write RPF or B) do the research necessary to write RPF, but still want to write about celebrities Having Gay Affairs With Other People In The Biz
2. White Collar fic in which Neal figures out he never knew Kate that well (but in a closure-y kind of way)
3. White Collar fic in which they fall in with Ocean's Eleven
4. Retelling The Parent Trap with X-Men (specifically Wanda and Pietro) for [profile] romcomarama
5. Weird Tsubasa D/s because I wanted it to exist and don't trust anyone currently in the fandom to do it justice (or at all)
6. Community AU in which Abed goes to LA instead of Greendale and any Thomas Dolby fans who read it will be side-eyeing me forever

Note that just because these are being worked on doesn't mean they will actually happen. I have so many incomplete stories sitting on my hard drive, which SPEAKING OF. I have been working on this one Marvel fic (Steve/Tony) since before Steve was even slated to return to life, it is so beyond jossed, and I haven't really had the drive to finish it despite inordinate amounts of help from other people. Would people be interested in me posting it incomplete just so they can read what could have been? Or would that be too painful/boring/self-indulgent?

Also, for your entertainment: what I did last night and this morning. (I'm on the left with the bad hair)

Tags: covers of pop songs, fandom, music, not quite dead yet
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