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please and thank you

Has anyone written fic based on the Thor movie yet? Are there communities? Anything? I really want to get my fanboy on but searching hasn't yielded me any results yet. My Google-fu is weak, folks, help me!

(also if anyone has/knows of icons, this would also be handy, as I don't trust myself to make good ones.)

I will in turn post links to anything I happen to find.

edit: You folks have been most helpful! Here's what I've got so far:
norsekink is the obligatory kink meme. Expect to find me there in my free time.
- the one where Balder collects a rather unhinged Loki from SHIELD facilities, post-Avengers-movie speculation
- the one where Loki is hitting on Fandral for the lulz (by hummingbirdmoth, NSFW)
- the ones where Lex Luthor enters into an arrangement with Loki, and sometimes gods and mortals have more in common than either would expect.

It's Electrifying by [personal profile] waketosleep. Clint Barton is apparently an Avenger and a pretty good shot, but whatever, Darcy has a taser and no reluctance to use it. Clint is the damaged one if he finds that charming.
I believe the correct phrase for this fic is "HEARTS IN MY EYES".
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